Kungsholm arrives in New York

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The brand new Kungsholm set on her maiden voyage from Gothenburg to New York City on 24 November 1953.
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15 thoughts on “Kungsholm arrives in New York”

    1. +felix lego videos glad I can post a ship from your country

  1. Sad to she she goes unnoticed by some people. But I do know her as the Columbus C.

    1. +Fox Star Line I think the company went down hill after the “Costa neoRomantica” was built because they started building those ships that look like the Costa Pacifica.

    2. +G011d3n before that made them monstrosities

    3. Fox Star Line That was when Costa Cruises was good.

  2. She’s one of those liners that’s unfortunately not all that well known.

    1. +WSL 401 I will try to find footage of these liners hopefully I’ll keep growing

    2. +Fox Star Line That’s good. White Star has many underrated liners, such as Doric, Laurentic (1927) (and 1908 Laurentic and her sister Megantic) and the Jubilee Class.

    3. We here at the Fox Star Line like to recognize forgotten liners

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