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Massif d'Uchaux


Vineyards : it spreads out over 5 communities : Lagarde-Paréol, Mondragon, Piolenc, Sérignan du Comtat and Uchaux .

Soil types : Since the end of the Secondary era , they are principally composed of siliceous sandstone and calcareous sandstone .

Climate : Mediterranean , woody hillsides between 100 and 280 metres in altitude .

Background : This vineyard , cultivated by the Romans with the famous Roman Way going through it (the Via Agrippa) connecting Lyon with Arles , is situated on the well-exposed hills of the Uchaux Massif . In 1290, the sale of this wine was authorized in the community of Mondragon. In the XVth century the first taxation of wine appeared.

News : As early as 1937, part of the Uchaux Massif obtained the Côtes du Rhône Appellation, in 1983 the Côtes du Rhône Villages Appellation and in 2005 the Uchaux Massif was consecrated Côtes du Rhône Villages (Named Villages)


Area under cultivation* 1rst harvest : 136 hectares , annual production : 3,869 hectolitres ; average yield : 28 hectolitres per hectare ; potential of production : 750 hectares / 30,000 hectolitres.
*Source of information : official declaration of harvest 2004

Grape Variety blends: Black Grenache 50% minimum, Syrah and/or Mourvèdre 20% minimum, other grape varieties authorized by the Appellation 20% maximum.

Minimum alcoholic content : 12.5°

Winery visited during the tour : Château Saint Estève d'Uchaux

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